"Nicolae Titulescu - 120 years - our contemporary" Photo Exhibition

“Nicolae Titulescu - 120 years - Our Contemporary” Photo Exhibition

The opening of the photo exhibition entitled “Nicolae Titulescu - 120 years - Our Contemporary” on the occasion of the Nicolae Titulescu's birth anniversary.

Date:May 20, 2002


Place:75 Years Cultural Center Exhibition Hall Mithatpaşa Cad. 18

“The Romanian Nation knows that in the work for the international cooperation to which he is devoted sincerely and consistently,he discovered in the noble Turkish Nation her fatefully friend.Romania and Türkiye are meant to develop a sincere and active friendship”

Nicolae Titulescu (1882 - 1941)

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Finance two times each, twice elected President of the League of Nations,Member and President of the International Diplomatic Academy in Paris,an active supporter of peace and security at the regional and continental scale and the author of signing the Romanian - Turkish Friendship Treaty.