Entry Criteria for the International Atatürk Children's Paintings Exhibition

Entry Criteria for the International Atatürk Children's Paintings Exhibition

We would be grateful to see you at the “International Atatürk Childrens’s Paintings Exhibition”, which will be held in the form of a competition for the purpose of enhancing love, friendship, peace and brotherhood ties among the children of the world.

1. All the children, born after January 1988 (including) shall participate in the competititon.

2. The evaluation shall be made by an selective board, consisting of the experts of the field in November, according to the age groups of 6-9 and 10-14.

3. Upon the evaluation to be made on the basis of all age groups, the outstanding paintings shall be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals symbolically, and a certificate of accomplishment shall be given to the children whose paintings are either awarded a prize or accepted as worth exhibiting.

4. The participants are free to use any theme desired.

5. Each child shall participate in the exhibition with one painting of 30x50 cm or 40x60 cm. Maximum one hundred paintings shall be sent for the group participation of the countries and the breakdown of the paintings shall be mentioned in Form-2.

6. All kinds of painting material, except for pencil, shall be used.

7. A label, which is written in English or Turkish as printed or typed, shall be put at the back of each painting and the accuracy of such information shall be signed and attested by the school administration.

8. The paintings, sent to the exhibition shall not be returned and shall be used as training material.

9. The exhibition of the paintings, which are worth to be exhibited and awarded shall be opened in Ankara in December 2002 with an awarding ceremony and the exhibition shall be open for one month.

10. The paintings sent for the exhibition shall be reproduced when necessary, so as to be used for promotion purposes in the form of poster, etc.

11. The exhibition catalogue to be published shall be send to the children who have participated in the exhibition.

12. The paintings to participate in the exhibition shall be sent to the following address, by mail or as hand delivery, at the latest until October 25, 2002 through the Embassies or Representations of each country and through the Provincial Directorates of Ministry of National Education within the borders of the Republic of Türkiye, after being properly packed to avoid any damage to the paintings.

Devlet Resim ve Heykel Müzesi Müdürlüğü (Directorate of State Paintings and Sculptures Museum), Opera-ANKARA-TÜRKİYE

We are looking forward to receive your paintings and wish you success and your good feelings.