The Gallipoli Campaign (Çanakkale Wars) International "Peace Songs" Contest

The Gallipoli Campaign (Çanakkale Wars) International "Peace Songs" Contest


The Gallipoli Campaign (Çanakkale Wars) are one of the most important, vast and significant wars of the history. From this point of view, it will be very meaningful to realize various activities based on the dimensions of humanity, international peace and reciprocal relations. This war can not only be evaluated with the participation of the nations or from their point of view, but the problem can be handled with a humanist approach as on the basis of the fact of what war has given to us as “citizens of the world”.

The Gallipoli Wars, have the scope and effect as the symbol of all other wars. With the creation of new songs having the context of love and peace in order to reflect the identity of this war between all nations, it will be very useful to remember this historical event as a positive and permanent trace for the humankind and it is also believed that this event will be a convenient interference for the spirit of the Gallipoli Wars.

From this point of view the aim of this project is; to create new songs having the main theme of LOVE and PEACE within the framework of the activities of THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE GALLIPOLI CAMPAIGN (ÇANAKKALE WARS) . Thus it is aimed to remember the Gallipoli Campaign (Çanakkale Wars).

With this competition, it is planned to encourage to create musical works having the subjects of the spirit that The Gallipoli Campaign (Çanakkale Wars)have revealed and that the humankind has longed so far, to make such a matter to be participated into the world culture by means of music and to reach the interest and cultural interaction which has been yearned for a long time.

Thus, an international music competition has been arranged for composers from Türkiye, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, England, France, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada and South Africa.

The Scope And Theme of The Competition

The works which will participate to the competition are to be related to the themes stated below;

- Peace
- Love

The works shall have the features of Song or Popular Song and;

- Have a duration of 3-5 minutes,
- Be a new composition

The Works:

- May be written in all languages

- The chosen works will be performed within the framework of the Remembrance Day and The Anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign (Çanakkale Wars)

- Citizens from Türkiye, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, England, France, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada and South Africa can participate to this competition except for the officials and the jury members taking part in the competition.

- Works which have been performed before can not enter to the competition.

- A composer can participate to the competition with more than one compositions.

- The copyright and the usage rights of the awarded works for the Remembrance Day and The Anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign (Çanakkale Wars)and their usage in national days and the CD, registration/publication rights shall be pertained to the Ministry of Culture.

Application And The Delivery of The Works

- The works are to be delivered as recorded on a CD/CDR at least with a piano accompaniment and the scores (9 copies) should be written in PC format.

- The works shall be delivered to the address given below with the deadline of April 11, 2003 by the end of 17.30, with a registered reply paid letter or by hand with a signature.

The delays in the post shall not be taken into consideration


- No explanatory information, sign or symbol shall be found in the works of the composer identifying the identity of the composer

- A 7 lettered motto shall be written on the works,

- Information identifying the composers identity shall be put in a different envelope (identity envelope) and the information of the composer such as name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail address and the fax number shall be placed in this envelope. On the envelop, the 7 lettered motto which can only be used on the work, shall be written.

- Identity envelope and nine copies of the work including the CD shall be put in a big envelope,

and there will not be any explanatory information, sign and symbol about the identity of the composer on the envelope. 7 lettered motto, which was used only for this work shall be written on the envelope.

- Works, which have got an award in the competition, shall be announced to the public on our Ministry’s web site ( and by the means of press and broadcasting organisations.

- Orchestra materials and conductor’s score which belongs to the work written for orchestra and symphonic orchestra, shall be demanded from the composer of the selected works.


- The Award of the first place work: 5000 $

- The award of the second place work: 4000 $

- The award of the third place work: 3000 $

- 7 Success Awards: each work: 1000 $

Selection Committee

Selection committee shall be bodied:

- Head of the committee: Hüseyin Akbulut, vice undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture

- A Member from Türkiye

- And Musician members who will be determined by the Embassy of Australia, New Zealand, England, France, India and Germany.

Information Adress - -

* A CD will be produced including the awarded Works. The expenses related with the arrangements of works’ and other expenses related with the writing of the works’ poetry shall be covered by the composers.