The Flying Broom 5. International Women's Films Festival




THIRTIES - Leni Riefenstahl
Victory of the Faith (1933)
Day of Freedom: Our Army (1935)
Olimpia 1,2 (1938)
Tiefland (1954)

SEVENTIES, EIGHTIES - Margarette von Trotta.
The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum (1975)
Second Awakening of Christa Klages (1978)
Rosa Luxemburg (1986)
German Sisters (1981)
The Promise (1994)

The Middle of Nowhere - Nathalie Steinbart
Mostly Martha - Sandra Nettelbeck
Anam - Buket Alakuş
Honolulu - Uschi Ferstl, Florian Gallenberger, Saskia Jell, Vanessa Jopp, Matthias Lehmann, Beryl Schennen, Sandra Schmidt


GERMAINE DULAC (1882-1942) is one of the most important directors of "avant-garde" cinema. Her films will be screened within the scope of our festival.

La Souriante Madame Beudet / The Smiling Madam Beudet (1923)
La Coquille et le Clergyman / The Seashell and Clergyman (1927)
L'invitation Au Voyage / Invitation to a Journey (1927)
Disque 957 / Disc 957 (1928)
Thémes Et Variations / Themes and Variations (1928)
Étude Cinématographique Sur Une Arabesque / Cinematographic Study On a Arabesque (1929)


Serpientes y escaleras / Snakes and Ladders (1991)
El Secreto de Romelia / Romelia's Secret (1988)
Let it Be (1993)
El Lugar Del Corazón / The Heart's Place (1983)
Hotel Villa Goerne (1981)
Un Fragil Retorno / A Fragil Return (1980)
Las Buen Romero / The Good Romeros (1979)


In this section, we aim to present 15 recent films of women directors from all over the world. Here is some of the films and directors:

Justine Shapiro - Promises (USA)
Eva Gardos - An American Rapsody (USA)
Gabriela David - Taxi (Argentina)
Paula Fernandez - Herencia (Argentina)
Andrea Sedlackova - Victims and Murderers (Cezch Republic)
Nouchka van Brakel - The Friendship (Netherland)
Tahmine Milani - Hidden Half (İran)
Rahşan Bani Etemad - Under the Skin of the City (İran)
Francesca Archibugi - Domani / Tomorrow (İtaly)
Roberta Torre - South Side Story (İtaly)
Catrine Martin - Mariages (Canada)
Ibolya Fekete - Chico (Hungary)
Eva Lopez Sanchez - Francisca (Mexico)
Handan İpekçi - Big Men Little Love (Türkiye)


In the short films section, we will present superb examples of films made by women directors from various countries. The section will include seven subsections:

Kecskemet Animation Film Studio: The prominent animation examples of the Eastern European school, which were made in this principal studio of Hungary, will be shown. Two women animators will make up the studio's style.

Emily Hubley: We will present an exciting package of films by one who has not remained under the shadow of an accomplished mother.

Lisa Hayes: Another young Canadian director. She looks at the problem of sexual preference from a different window.

Hilda Hidalgo: The Costa Rican director, who had her education in Cuba, participates in the Festival with her films narrating her country and its tales.

Selected by Rakhsan: Is the development recently seen in the Iranian cinema the result of the country's successful cinema policy? We are trying to find an answer to the question through a package of 15 short films that Rakhsan Bani Etemad has chosen from young Iranian artists.


The Flying Broom, within the framework of the 5. International Women's Films Festival (2-9 May 2002) is organizing a Short Film Screenplay Contest. We encourage all participants to write a short film screenplay and in this way remember, authenticate and accumulate their own stories. This year the subject for the screenplays is chastity and the genre is comedy.

We have received forty-two works for this year's contest. The assessment committee, which consists of İnci Demirkol, Gülden Treske and Sündüz Haşar, has selected 16 out of the screenplays, which were written in accordance with the conditions.

The writers of the sixteen screenplays selected by the committee have been invited as festival guests to participate in a workshop for a training program of screenplay writing, which will be led by Işıl Özgentürk. In the workshop they will work on how to transform a story to a screenplay step by step. The screenplay contest has no pecuniary benefit, but rather it will provide an opportunity for the participants to develop themselves in screenplay writing. Last year's participants completed the workshop successfully. The workshop that is to be done this year will also immensely contribute to our future work.