Internet World Türkiye 2001 15-17 November 2001

INTERNET WORLD TÜRKİYE 2001 15 - 17 November 2001

The Turkish Internet explosion is indisputably underway

The time is right for a dedicated business event to serve this super-growth market.

-In Türkiye total Internet users are expected to grow from 2 million users in 2000 to over 21 million users in 2005, an annual combined growth rate of 65%.

-Internet penetration is excepted to grow from 4.4% in 2000 to 30.7% by 2005.

- Mobile penetration rate is currently 19.8% and is expected to grow to an incredible 60.6 % in 2005, nearly 40 million people.

- 50% of Türkiye's population is under the age of 35.

- The number of PC's in Türkiye was 500.000 in 1998. In 2000 this number reached 2.400.000 PC's. It is expected that this growth will continue and the number of PC's will increase to 15.500.000 in 2005.

- The PC Penetration in Türkiye was 7.82 per one thousand in 1998. In 2000 PC Penetration grew to 36.49 per one thousand and is excepted to reach 219.83 per one thousand in 2005.

- Türkiye's economy is the 16th largest in the world. The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has identified Türkiye as one of the ten most promising emerging economies.

If you sell technology or services that can help businesses exploit the vast potential of the Internet, you are in the right business-and you're reading about the right event at the right time.

Internet World: A powerful, authoritative event

The Turkish market needs a single, comprehensive Internet event that's broad enough to show how the converging Internet technologies fit together and deep enough to show how each works. Internet World Türkiye 2001 fulfills this need.

Internet World Türkiye 2001 is the only event that interprets "bread and butter" Internet applications for business leaders who aren't yet Internet-literate (but know they need to be) plus cutting-edge technology for seasoned Internet industry professionals.

The Internet World brand is the event leader in over thirty countries around the world, covering Europe, Asia and The United States. The shows, under their new global identity, lead a portfolio that includes the Internet World Magazines, the ISPCON events, conferences and the new m-commerce Tripod: the wireless Internet event, magazine and portal.

Comprehensive and perfectly balanced to match the burgeoning industry

Internet World Türkiye 2001 delivers cutting edge technology and proven business solutions. The most pro-active, tech-literate buyers come to find the very latest technology while their senior business colleagues visit to discover the business solutions that only the Internet can deliver.

With the Internet developing so quickly, it's impossible to separate the technology from the way it's used. To be of value, an event needs to combine technical expertise with broad education on the business benefits of that technology. Internet World will deliver both.

The cutting edge

Advanced Bandwidth Solutions, Virtual Private Networks, XML, Internet Appliances, Web TV, Linux, Java, Legacy Integration Tools, IP Telephony, Server Solution, High-speed Multimedia Switching, Firewalls and Security, Web and Application Development Tools, Knowledge Management, Middleware, Web Database Technology, Networking Hardware and Services.

The business tools

E-commerce, Intranet and Extranet Solutions, Search Engines, Browser Software, Web Site Development Services, Content Providers, Internet Publishing Tools, Payment Systems, Key Software Applications, Marketing&Advertising, Web Marketing, Java, ERP, Security Tools, Web Loyalty Systems, Supply Chain Management, CRM.

The world-leading Internet World Approach

Both Istanbul and Türkiye will benefit form the proven Internet World formula.

- The Perfect Balance Between Business and Technology: Internet World is based on the premise that you cannot separate technology from the way it's used. That's why the events do not just present the latest IT; they interpret it and translate it into business benefits. And that's why exhibitors use Internet World shows to reach the key business decision-makers as well as their IT counterparts.

- The Best Education Programme Available: FREE Education is the Internet World trump card, as we present comprehensive free programmes that are better than most fee-based conferences. The education programmes present e-commerce, e-business and Internet marketing solutions and strategies targeted to specific industries, including: IT, retail, financial services and manufacturing.

- High-Profile, High-Definition Show Features: The hottest technologies and solutions always get extra coverage at Internet World shows. (Cyber Cafe, International Pavilions.)

- Promotional Campaigns That Leave No Stone Unturned: Designed to target the most senior decision-makers in each major vertical marketing including IT, financial services, marketing, manufacturing, retail and call centers.

The proof of the pudding is in the audiences we have already delivered in London, New York and over thirty cities around the world.

Target Audience

The world leading Internet World Approach delivering qualified business leads for the Internet industry

Internet World Türkiye 2001 attracts the people powering the growth of the Internet in Türkiye: the business leaders who are 'pulling' for the new generation of Internet applications plus the tech-centric leaders who are 'pushing' the latest technology into the market to meet the needs of business.

The new four-stream information and education programme:

When it comes to the Internet, even the most experienced users and developers are still on a learning curve.

We've designed the Internet World Türkiye 2001 free education programme to tackle the issues faced by every business that is or should be using the Internet.

1- Net Visions

Senior industry strategists share their visions of the Internet today and tomorrow with an invited list of the most senior directors and managers.

2- New Media & Marketing

Aimed at senior marketers, advertising agency staff, media owners, web professionals and all those with responsibility for advertising or marketing their clients products or services on-line.

3- Three Streams of User-Led Briefings and Seminars

"How-To" sessions and real case-studies presented by suppliers and their best users from manufacturing, retail, financial services, and other key markets. Not glossy theory, but implementation summaries, including goals, tactics and results.

4- Centres of Excellence

High profile Centres of Excellence, covering key technologies and applications, including specialist consultants, free seminars and real-time demonstrations on cutting-edge technology and business perspectives:

E- COMMERCE - Using the Internet to sell, to buy and to transact
E-BUSÝNESS-Applying the Internet to key business disciplines
CONTENT AND SITE DEVELOPMENT-How to build a site and bring it to life
IP TELEPHONY-The impact of this critical new development
JAVA- How Java is revolutionizing enterprises

Be a part of it

Internet World Türkiye 2001 stands head and shoulders above the crowd, with the undisputed flagship event serving the entire global business and Internet community.

As new technologies emerge in the Internet space, you can be sure they will be covered in depth in the aisles, seminar rooms and future areas that make Internet World Türkiye 2001 what it is. Events with this kind of momentum and industry support do not come along every day. Put your company in the middle of the action.

Internet World Türkiye