When we studied history of the Kangal Dog, we could not find any documents about Kangal dogs. There are several rumours about Kangal dogs. According to one rumour, the dog was derived from the lion and the tiger, during Asur and Babil periods and were petted in order to provide protection against wild animals and use in wars and were grown up with great care.

According to another rumour, the first Kangal was given to Sultan of Ottoman (Yavuz Sultan Selim or Murat IV) by an Indian Maharajah. The dog fought with the lion in the palace and killed it. Thus the sultan was considerably interested in it. When the army went for an attack and arrived in Kangal Deliktaş, the dog got lost, and that the species of dog in Kangal was derived from this lost dog.

Evliya Çelebi mentions this dog describing it as strong as a lion in his inscription in 17th century. It is believed that the dog was brought to Anatolia by Ottoman and the Shepherd species in Europe were derived from this species as Ottoman invaded Europe.

From archives of Ottoman, it is stated that the dog was grown up with great care.

The long living of Kangal is because of its being loyal friend to farmers breeding sheep and being the best dog species in fighting with wolves. Kangal dogs can do their duties under the harshest climatic and working conditions. Care and feeding conditions are easier and simpler.