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Turkish World

Turkish World

During the process of destruction of Soviet Union balances in classical world system have changed and new facts have been formed. Firstly, the change process accelerating firstly I economical and political interactions has brought new pursuits in social-cultural fields. No doubt disintegration of Soviet Union has mainly effected Turkey. Kazakhistan, Kyrgizistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan declaring their independence have developed their relations particularly in cultural dimension, with Turkish Republic in New World system, due to historical common points. Turkey has provided a new direction to its culture policy in that short process and conveyed its ties to economic political dimensions. Mutually signed agreements like education, culture economic, cooperation agreements have been updated and naturally turned into projects carried ut jointly like foundations, entities associations, establishments, universities.

In this connection Ministry of Culture has established Turkish World Research Agent under the body of General Directorate of Folk Cultures Research and Development, and new establishments such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkish Cooperation and development Agent (TIKA), Joint Management Turkish Culture and Arts (TÜRKSOY) were followed.

Turkish World Research Agent has been carrying out its studies on cultural research and publications about Turkish communities and societies living outside Turkey. In addition, the agent has also been conducting its inventory studies about Kazak, Kırgız, Turkmen, Uzbek and Uygur people moved to Turkey after 1950s and research of their traditional characteristics, and the agent published a special magazine titled Kazaks living in Turkey in 1999. In the next years projects about Uzbek, Kırgız, Turkmen and Uygur people will be updated and published. Also it published a prestige book titled "Gagauz Folk Culture"(Turkish-English) in 1999.

Turkish World Research Agent has also been publishing the Magazine titled "Turkish world From Homeland to Ancestor lands". The magazine is published in quarterly periods and is mainly a science-culture-art magazine, and contains articles about Turkish communities and societies living in and outside Turkey. Turkish World has published its 17th magazine.

In addition to magazine publication, field researches and inventory studies, Turkish World Research Agent has also been offering advisory services about cultural subjects of Turkish world with local and foreign scientists, experts and concerned people.

The studies made directly by or under coordination of Turkish Research Agent are as follow:

  • Silk road Folk Culture, Field Researches" (1992-93-94-95-96)
  • Turkish dialects and accents and Field studies"
  • Nevruz celebrations in Turkish world" (1993-94-95-96-97-98-99), in addition to foreign studies about nevruz celebrations, it also has publications like special volume about Nevruz in Turkish World, posters, brochures.
  • Research about Culture Profile in Turkic Republics" prepared and published by SİAR
  • Gift for 2500th Year of Merv" (1995-96) was prepared for publication.
  • International Symposium about 1000th Year of Manas Tale" (1995) was held. And also special volume of Turkish world Manas was prepared.
  • "Turkish World Photography exhibition" was held abroad and in country.