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Acquirement of Property in Turkey

As stated in the constitution, foreign real persons will acquire real estate in Turkey through mutual agreements indicated in Real Estate Law, article 35. According to this agreement, both sides of the agreement have the right to attain property in each others country. Should the attainment of property for Turkish citizens in the foreign country of the applicant are supposed to some conditions and limitations, the same procedure will be carried out for the other side of the agreement.

-According to the constitution, the foreigners are not allowed to acquire property within the limits of a village through purchasing .Therefore the real estate that a foreigner going to acquire is to be within the limits of the Municipality. The foreigners will also acquire properties outside Military and Saftey Zones.
-Juridical persons from a foreign country will not acquire property in Turkey. However should the case conform to the Law for the Promotion of Foreign Capital Investment, the applicant will attain real estate in Turkey.

For further information , please contact General Directorate of Tittle-deeds and Cadastre.

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