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Bibliography of Articles - The Voice of the Youth (1990 - 1994)

Department of Publications

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Title: Bibliography of Articles - The Voice of the Youth
(1990 - 1994)
Author, Translator, Editor: Mehmet TOPRAK
Type: Bibliography
Edition: First edition
Year of Publication: 1998
Number of Pages: XI, 148 pages
Size: 20 cm.
Publication No.: 2179
Name of the Series: Reference Books Series
Series No.: 59
ISBN: 975 - 17 - 2094 - X
Number of Copies: 3000
Price: 650.000 TL


The bibliographic work titled Bibliography of Articles from Culture - Youth Magazine contains the bibliographic lists of articles, poems, interviews, stories, biographies and news articles from the "Culture, Youth Magazine" which is published by the Publications Department of the Ministry of Culture since May, 1990.

The Culture - Youth magazine was initially named "The voice of the Youth Magazine" when it started to be published in May 1990 and changed to its current name since January 1992 (No. 20). It survived until January 1994 (No.24) when its publication was terminated. Most of the context of the magazin consisted of poems, articles, stories etc.which were contributed by young people.

The volume, "Bibliography of Articles - The Voice of the Youth" prepared by mehmet TOPRAK serves as a guideline to the articles and poems which were published in the periodical.

Mehmet TOPRAK has also published another work on the publications of the Ministry of culture titled "Bibiography of Articles - Culture Magazine (National Culture ) - (1977 - 1997)" This volume also covers the bibliographic referances for the articles, etc. which were published in the Culture magazine , a peridical publisheb by the Ministry of Culture during 1997 - 1994.

Another published work of Mehmet TOPRAK is the reference book titled "Publications Catalouge (1968 - 1998). The volume contains bibliographic references for books published by the Ministry of Culture between 1968 - 1998*. (* books which were printed or those which are at the printers as of June 1998)

With these three bibliographical reference sources prepared by Mehmet TOPRAK , "Publications Catalouge 1968 - 1998", "Bibliograpy of Articles - Culture Magazine (1977 - 1994)" and " Bibliography of Articles - Culture Youth Magazine (1990 - 1994)" , the majority of the books and articles published by the Ministry of Culture have become available for the use of researchers.