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Sakarya Museum

The museum building, which is in the Sakarya Province, the Merkez District, the Semerciler Quarter, Milli Egemenlik Street, across the station, is established on an area of 1290 m² with the garden.

The building that was constructed by Major Baha Bey, the Chairman of Military Service Office, in three floors with the ground floor in 1910 - 1915, was purchased by Hasan Cavit Bey, who was a close friend of Atatürk and who was a deputy. His house, where Atatürk has met his mother in June of 1922 and where they stayed for five days, was damaged in the earthquake that took place in 1967. The house, which was registered as a civil architecture sample in 1983, was nationalized by our ministry and reconstructed as the museum building in compliance with its original and opened for visit in 1993.

On the ground floor of the building, the service offices and a boiler room; on the first floor the director's room and an exhibition hall of 85 m² and in the second floor a conference hall for 50 persons are located. In the garden of the museum, the architectural parts found on the borders of the Sakarya province, belonging to the Roman and Byzantine Periods, grave stones, altars, stones with inscriptions, an ostotech, cooked earth storage jar and column bases are exhibited.

In the exhibition hall of the museum, a group of archaeological works belonging to the Roman and Byzantine Periods and ethnographic works belonging to the Ottoman and Republic Periods are exhibited. Among the archaeological works, there are flat hand axes, cooked earthenware pots, essence and tear bottles and metal and glass works.

Among the ethnographic works, which are selected from the Ethnography Museums of Bursa, Amasya, Konya, Tokat and Ankara, there are goods used by the Grand Leader Atatürk and firing and cutter guns, copper goods, seals and hand ornaments belonging to the Ottoman and Republic periods.