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Kastamonu Museums

Liva Pasha Mansion Ethnography Museum

The Liva Pasha Mansion which is an example of civic architecture was especially constructed in 1870 by Mir Liva Sadık Pasha. The mansion was expropriated in 1979 by the Ministry of Culture.

The repair and restoration work started in 1985 and was completed in April 1997. On 2 May 1997 Liva Pasha Mansion was opened to public as an Ethnography Museum with a ceremony attended by Mr. Ismail Kahraman, as the Minister of Culture.

The Lay-Out

Middle Floor: Samples of wood works, weaving, garments and weapons, print works, shoemaking, packsaddle and reins, rope making, copper work reflecting Kastamonu Handicrafts are displayed in rooms as products of various artizan groups.

Upper Floor: Is arranged as a museum home with a bridal bed room, living room, main room, daily room (men), guest room, daily room (women). Ethnographic works are exhibited at the upper floor halls.