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Giresun Museum

The museum building, which is at the address Giresun Province, City Centre, Sokakbaşı Caddesi, No:57 and 62 is a historical building belonging to the 18th century. The building has been built as Orthodox Church by the Greek living in Giresun in the middle of the 18th century and has been used as a church until 1923. The building remained empty from 1923 till 1948. The building, which has been used as a prison from 1948 until 1967, has been left empty again until 1982. In 1982, the building, which has faced the danger of being destroyed in the years, during which it remained empty, has been restored by the Ministry of Culture and opened as a museum in 1988.

This historical building being used as the exhibition building of Giresun Museum has a mixed plan, where externally rectangular, internally basilican plan and domed cross plan are combined. The stone material used in the building has been obtained from the quarries around Giresun. The main entrance door is in the western side of the building and there are two separate secondary doors in the southern and northern sides. There are three abscissas in the eastern side, the wider and higher one is in the middle and the smaller ones are on the sides. The building is completely made of cut stone. There is a dome with a high rim just in the middle of the roof born by 4 round and 4 cornered columns.

The curb roof is covered with Turkish style roofing tiles.

Just in the north of the building used as a museum building, there is another historical building having three floors and the basement and this building is known as a priest house. In 1993, this building was restored in compliance with its original and opened to service as the administrative building of the museum.

In the museum, works belonging to the Old Bronze Period, Hittite, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman period and regional ethnographic materials are exhibited. 390 archaeological works, 561 ethnographic works, 1 seal, almost all of 2840 coins belonging to various periods are exhibited.

Giresun Museum is open for visit between 08:00 - 17:00 on all days of the week. The museum has a small garden surrounding the exhibition building and service building and a cellar consisting of two galleries behind the service building. Some stone works are exhibited in the garden.