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Bilecik Söğüt Museum

Before the establishment of Söğüt Ethnographical Museum, the villages in Bilecik, Söğüt and their environs had been investigated by a committee held in 1970s, and the monuments had been collected for exhibitin in the museum to be opened and these monuments had been kept and conserved in the Eskişehir Museum. The monuments were brought to Söğüt after the completion of the museum's construction, and they were placed in display cabinets. The museum was officially opened to visitors on September 12th, 1981. The museum, which is designed to resemble a tent, includes a 90 m2 single hall.

The monuments in the museum are exhibited in the pillared display cabinets mounted to the walls. One display cabinet is allocated to coins, another to archaeological monuments, one to scales and finally, one to Ottoman porcelains transferred from İznik Museum. The ethnographical monuments are exhibited in other display cabinets.