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Adıyaman Museum

Its modern building was built in 1982 and after this date it began to serve in a building of its own. The museum building was established at the most beautiful location of the centre and it is a single floor building erected over a basement, with a huge garden. The monuments are exhibited in two big halls, in the inner hall connecting these halls and in the inner garden. The museum has become the richest museum of the region with the monuments obtained from the foreign and domestic diggings in Lower Euphrat Region and with monuments bought and obtained in other ways.
Axes, drills and cutting instruments of the Palaeolithic Age; vessels made of earthenware belonging to the Chalcolithic Age; ornaments of the Bronze Age and ceramic vessels of Rome and Isla Age are all on exhibit in the museum. Stamps, Jewellery for men and women, human and animal figurines, mosaics, gold, silver and bronze coins and ethnographic artefacts of the regions are also on exhibit in the museum.