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The Second International Ex-libris Competition - Ankara 2007

Hacettepe University and Ankara Ex-libris Society are organising an international ex-libris competition open to artists and designers from all countries in order to bring together and evaluate authentic ex-libris prints of the highest aesthetic, artistic and technical quality, created as marks of ownership for books, to encourage the artists, and introduce the art of ex-libris to the general public.


Article 1. No limitation exists as to the theme chosen for the ex-libris.

Article 2. Participants shall take part with at most five (5) different works created between 2004 and 2007. It is obligatory that three copies of each work be submitted. Submissions shall not be returned: one print of each shall be for Hacettepe Ex-libris Museum, a second for the Ankara Ex-libris Society and the third for exhibition.

Article 3. No limitation exists regarding printmaking techniques. In addition to traditional techniques, photographic works and computer-generated designs shall also be accepted on condition that all works are multiples. Photocopies, drawings and sketches shall not be accepted.

Article 4. The works shall be designed as ex-libris, i. e. as small-format art graphics created to be pasted into books to identify the owner. The ex-libris shall include the words "Ex libris" or an equivalent (for example, "from the library of...", "from the books of...") together with the name of a living person or an existing institution for whom or for which it has been created.

Article 5. Each print shall be signed or initialled by the artist. It is obligatory that the ex-libris bear legibly on the back of the print the artist's name, his nationality, the symbol of the technique used, the year of creation and the name of the owner. In case of the usage of a non-Latin alphabet, a Latinic version must be written on the back of the print with the English translation where necessary.

Article 6. The printed surface of the ex-libris shall not exceed 130 mm x 130 mm, nor shall the support (paper) be larger than 210 mm x 150 mm. The ex-libris must not be mounted, nor pasted to a board or paper.

Article 7. The deadline for submission is 30 January 2007, the stamped postal date being decisive. The ex-libris shall be posted in the safest manner to avoid any kind of damage.

Article 8. The postal address for sending works is: Hasip Pektas, Ugur Mumcu Mah. 2. Cad. 117. Sok. No:18 TR-06370 Batıkent-Ankara,Turkey.
Further information can be obtained from the above, Tel: +90 312 251 03 56, Fax: +90 312 251 38 14,
General information about ex-libris can be found at:,

Article 9. Prizes:

First Prize (The Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture); 1500 USD.

Second Prize (Hacettepe University); 1300 USD.

Third Prize (Ankara Ex-libris Society); 1100 USD.

Special Prize (Çankaya Municipality); 1000 USD.

Special Prize (Ondokuz Mayıs University); 1000 USD.

Special Prize (Selcuk University); 1000 USD. Special Prize (Inönü University); 1000 USD. Special Prize (Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts); 1000 USD.

Special Prize (Atelye Alaturka); 1000 USD.

Special Prize (Aydeniz Group); 1000 USD.

Special Prize (Tandogan Rotary Club); 1000 USD.

Special Prize (Mürside Icmeli); 1000 USD.

Special Prize (Hüseyin Bilgin); 1000 USD.

Special Prize (Sükrü Ertürk); 1000 USD.

Special Prize (Ali Sükrü Fidan); 1000 USD. Individuals and institutions are allowed to offer special prizes, which shall not be below 1000 USD (= ± 800 Euro). The Jury shall also be competent to attribute Honourable Mentions to deserving ex-libris.

Article 10. The ex-libris shall be evaluated on the basis of their authenticity and originality, their artistic, technical and aesthetic merit, and the quality of the relation between the image and inscription in the composition. The jury reserves its right not to attribute awards if an insufficient number of high quality works are submitted.

Article 11. The Jury is composed of:

Prof. Martin R. Baeyens, Ex-libris Artist, University Professor - Belgium
Prof. Murside Icmeli, Print Artist, University Professor - Turkey
Benoît Junod, Ex-libris Collector, Art Critic, Print Specialist - Switzerland
Prof. Kaya Ozsezgin, Art Critic, Writer, University Professor - Turkey.
Prof. Hasip Pektas, Ex-libris Artist, Graphic Designer, University Professor - Turkey
Prof. Suleyman Saim Tekcan, Print Artist, University Professor - Turkey
Dr. Vassilis Zevgolis, Ex-libris Collector, Researcher - Greece.
The chairman of the jury is Benoit Junod.

Article 12. A CD shall be prepared containing the prize-winning and exhibited ex-libris. A catalogue will also be prepared and persons whose ex-libris has been selected to integrate it will receive a free copy.

Article13. The Ankara Ex-libris Society is entitled to use the ex-libris submitted for web presentation, the CD and catalogue and for other publications.

Article 14. A selection of the best ex-libris submitted shall be exhibited in Ankara, İstanbul, Samsun, Van, İzmir, Eskişehir, Adana, Antalya, Konya, Erzurum, Malatya and Greece as of September 2007.

Article 15. By participating in the competition, artists are considered to have accepted its terms and conditions, and agree to abide by the decisions of the jury.
Participants shall fill in the form below and post it together with the works submitted.

Name of Artist :
Address :
Phone Number & Fax :
E - mail :
Curriculum Vitae (in brief):