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3rd Bodrum International Ballet Festival To Be Held During August 14-28th 2005


"3rd Bodrum International Ballet Festival" is being held at the historical Bodrum Castle under the organization of Directorate General of State Opera and Ballet, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey.

The first two festivals taking attraction of the foreign audience including the local audience beyond the expectations and the run-out in days and days advance of tickets for each piece performed inspire us the hope for Bodrum, which has been called with tourism so far, and Ballet Festival.

Totally five activities including two activities by foreign ensembles will meet the art-lovers in the festival to be held at the Bodrum Castle during August 14-28th 2005

The inauguration performance of the Festival on August 14th will be made with the ballet piece named "Mixed Feelings" to be performed by the Directorate General of State Opera and Ballet. The choreographer of the piece that will make world premier and thus will meet the audience for the first time in the festival is Mehmet Balkan, the Arts Consultant of the Directorate General of State Opera and Ballet. The piece that is accompanied with music by Philip Glass and J.S. Bach and that consists of two episodes is being staged by Lale Balkan, the Chief Choreographer of the Directorate General of State Opera and Ballet.

Bodrum is welcoming the "Kirov Ballet Stars" on August 18th. The ballet stars that consist of the dancers known for their successful careers in the world dancing arena will meet the audience with a mixed program comprising of the popular episodes of ballets The Swan Lake, The Plaything Fairy, The Flower Ballet, The Nutcracker, Taras Bulba, The Dream of Rose, Arlekinada, Manon Lascaut and Don Quixote. The famous Russian ensemble that was founded in 1860 and that can perform both at home and abroad at the same time and that has totally 2000 artists with 3 separate orchestras is coming to Turkey with a prominent group of 25 pax. The Mariinsky Theatre Kirov Ballet holds "The International Ballet Stars Festival" every year. The Mariinsky Theatre Kirov Ballet that has staged successful performances in almost all parts of the world and that has marked great successes and that is recognized as a school in the classic ballet art will offer a splendid night for the audience during two hours with unique music and excellent ballet pieces.

Antalya State Opera and Ballet is introducing the Uğur Seyrek's "Contrast", the successful choreographer of Antalya State Opera and Ballet on August 21st 2005 to the art-lovers in Bodrum. The music by J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, J. Adams, P. Glass, U. Şillier and J. Cage are used in the modern ballet of single act. The ballet titled "Contrast" that inquires the intensity, speed and resistance limits of the today's people depicts the struggling mankind. While the piece takes attraction with the unusual stage arrangement accompanied by the video production and poetical explanation, it puts forward the ability of the dancer to maximize the physical performance. "Contrast" that is performed with a retrospective, rebellious and sincere line enables the audience to look at the life from a different angle.

"Carmina Burana", the master piece and influential work of Carl Orff, is meeting with the art-lovers on August 25th as the ballet piece of single act this time. The choreographer of the piece is Youri Vamos, the world famous choreographer. Gülgez Altındağ(Soprano), Kevork Tavityan(Baritone) and Timur Doğanay(Tenor) are also taking part besides the ballet artists. The lyrics of "Carmina Burana" that was taken into the repertoire of Istanbul State Opera and Ballet in past years and that has taken great attraction of the audience comprise of the verses compiled from the poems located in Saint Benoit Monastery. The ballet version of the piece only inspires from the content of songs independently. The piece depicts the contrary attitude of mankind to the laws of nature.

3rd Bodrum International Ballet Festival will bid farewell to the art-lovers until the next year with the splendid performance of "Bocca Tango Maipo", the famous Argentinean group, on August 28th 2005. Julio Bocca and the group that have achieved in dancing on the most famous stages of the World and that have fascinated the audience with the exclusive technique and interpretation will demonstrate the aesthetics and excellence of the Argentinean dancers to the art-lovers living in Bodrum. The group that owns indefinite number of golden medals and that has danced in many open air festivals will make the performances accompanied by the compositions and songs of Wim Mertens, Frank Sinatra and Astor Piazzolla.

The tickets of performances that will start at 09.30 p.m. at the Bodrum Castle are let on sale against YTL 20.00.
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