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The book fairs which planned to be participated in by the Ministry Of Culture&Tourism in 2005

Our Ministry has been participating in international book fairs organized in different countries since 1986.

By creating a new publication and information concept , the implementation of participating in the Copyright fairs was commenced pre-dominantly in 2004 and this practice will be kept in the following years as well.

As the Ministry, our new objective is to have our culture, art and literature known internationally by participating in international fairs in co-operation with private publishing houses and to re-construct our national publication sector with a contemporary mentality by being affected from the most recent developments as well as changes in the world.In order for us to be able to reach this target; author & publisher occupational establishments, our publishing companies , writers and artists play prominent roles. Afore-mentioned process  should be turned into a mobilization requiring the participation of those who are involved in. We need to provide solidarity which is important both for our publication sector to be known abroad and consequently for publicizing our comprehension in the field of  culture, art and literature internationally. Our objective in process of time , is to participate in fairs  in which only our private publishing companies will be able to exchange information and copyright. With a limited representation as well as  a technical infrastructure support provided by our Ministry

Our Ministry gives way to combine with the world through T.E.D.A Project which is able to be defined as international integration of Turkish Culture.The T.E.D.A.( Worldwide  Integration of Turkish Literature) Project which constituded the infrastructure of being known internationally of the national publishing sector for the first time in 2004  has been launched to publicize to the related sector in Frankfurt Book Fair.

The objective of this publishing mentality focusing on publicizing the comprehension of Turkish Literature worldwide that can also be meant as the reverse exercise of  International Literature Project in which our country put into practice by translating the worldwide known classical literary works into Turkish in the past; is to enable the Turkish Culture, Art and Literature to meet intellectual target people abroad in addition to academicians as well as studuents and to direct people who are interested in art towards the resources of Turkish Culture. 

The translations of Turkish Literature into foreign languages apart from a few studies have  been practiced by scientists up until now and an academic language has been used in their translations. Since afore-mentioned publications addressing to a limited number of researchers together with specialists have not been taken into consideration by artists, they have not reached widespread readers and consequently have not been interested in as well. The publishing of literary works - in which an artistic and aesthetic way of telling comes first - such as novels, stories, poems and etc. have been given primary preference rather than the ones using an academic language.  

In order for the above project to be successful by being supported, private publishing houses will be encouraged to participate in mainly the book fairs - in which licences of copyright are marketed - together with the international book fairs - which are widely considered to be esteemed and they have historical missions – in co-ordination with our Ministry and the Publisher Occupational Establishments. Due to the approach stated above, Turkish publishers are expected to benefit utmost from the facility to be provided by the Ministry.

5 fairs - to be organized in Egypt, Japan, Iran, Russia and Germany - will be continued to be participated in, in 2005 so as to get the publishing capacity of our country -having a rich history and culture- known internationally. 


Cairo International Book Fair , being the largest in the Middle East and the second largest in the world, was participated in by our Ministry for the first time in 1986. Our Ministry will have the opportunity to give information pertaining to the new publishing mentality, in which the preliminary infrastructure studies have been carried out by the Ministry for about a year, at the fair in which our 13 th participation will take place in 2005. 

3,150 publishing houses from 97 countries participated in Cairo International  Book Fair in 2004. The fair which covers the area of 130,000 squares meter and enables facilities such as book exhibition and sale activities in 34 seperate galleries is reported to have been visited by  4,5 million visitors. The Turkish Publishing Houses to be participated in the fair ,in which books written in arabic are mostly preferred, are recommended that they had better take place there with publications especially written in English within a certain topic integrity for sale.  

18.TEHRAN INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR ( MAY 2005 )                                           

Tehran International Book Fair which is one of the most outstanding meeting centres both in  Asia and The Middle East for publishing companies as well as electronic publishers has been arranged each year since 1987. The fair which covers the area of 95,000 squares meter and consists of 35 seperate galleries was participated in by our Ministry six times in previous years. 900 Publishers from 55 countries exhibited 75,000 publications in the fair held in 2003. The possibility of direct book sale to visitors is provided for publishers during the fair. The book  fair which lasts 15 days together with the cultural activities arranged in the frame of fair organization were attended by 2 million visitors.The total sales for the amount of USD 12,000,000 to 70,000 fair visitors were realised by international publishers in 2003. This year, private publishers which are encouraged to participate in will pre-dominantly take place at the stand of Turkey in the fair in which Turkish publishers are shown widespread interest by fair visitors and an outstanding amount of sales are expected to be realised in the fair.The related preperation studies for our participation are currently in progress accordingly.

TOKYO INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR (07– 10 JULY 2005)             

Around 5,400 brand new publications which were published in different languages have been published in Japan by being translated into Japanese each year. Tokyo International Book Fair which is the leading one in a massive Asia market draws attention as the most outstanding meeting centre. Not only does the fair enable facilities to contact directly the relevant Japanese companies in the sector but also it provides facilities to get in touch with the major publishers, copyright agencies and booksellers from the Far East. On the one hand, by participating in this fair ; it is possible to have a chance in penetrating the Asia Publishing Market which is growing day by day, thanks to the countries such as Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan besides Japan. On the other hand, education of foreign language has been attached too much importance in Japan recently. Turkish has also been included in an increasing wave of interest towards the education of foreign language especially consequent to the World Cup as well as  Turkey’s year activities in which a large number of organizations have been carried out by our Ministry in Japan. As a Country , we will be taking place in this fair for the 7 th time in 2005 in which our publishing sector will be known internationally in accordance with developing and changing needs and will also be encouraged to play more active role on the second largest publishing market in this way. Private publishing houses are recommended that they had better participate in this fair by means of their copyright agengies or their representatives so as to enter into copyright contracts. 


Moscow International Book Fair is the leading one among the fairs arranged in the region for publishers. The fair having the potential of 300,000 visitors in which 3,000 publishers coming from the world met in 2004 represents itself as the fair that should be preferred to attend. Not only does Moscow Book Fair – which our Ministry participated in 5 times in the previous  years – enable quite suitable platform for publishers dealing in this region in terms of meeting and negotiating with each other pertaining to copyright licencing but also enables in reaching Turkish Originated Republics as well as Turkish Originated Societies living in Russia. The private publishing houses are recommended that they had better participate in this fair in order for them to be able to make bilateral contracts as well as to enter into copyright licencing agreements. 

57.FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR (19–23 OCTOBER 2005)              

Frankfurt Book Fair ,which is considered to be the most comprehensive Book Fair in the World, has been organized with the participation of the companies dealing in the  publication and electronic publishing sector since 1949. The fair enabling 7,000 publishers from 111 countries to meet was determined to have been visited by 290,000 visitors in 2004. Not only does the fair last at the pre-determined dates when the fair is organized officially but also more than 3,000 forums, conversations, panels and conferences are arranged by Frankfurt Book Fair throughout the year with participation of leading figures coming from miscellenous countries such as authors, researchers ,  scientists and civil society organizations dealing with literature, art, science, cultural interaction, business, language and religion .       

Our Ministry, which has both a fully equipped technical infrastructure and the action plan - that has been prepared - enabling authors and publishing houses to be known internationally by supporting cultural dynamism together with creativity in accordance with new publication policy put forward as well as new publishing concept, will participate in the fair in order to get our publication sector known abroad and provide our publishers with exchange of  information and copyright. Frankfurt Book Fair in which copyright licences are marketed together with 350,000 types of publication & electronic publications are exhibited for our private publishers and consequently for our authors presents the great opportunity in marketing our culture, art and literature abroad so as to establish the positive and realistic approach towards Turkey in public opinions of the world. The reconstruction of Turkish publishing sector and its integration with the world will be able to be put into practice by the fact that, so long as our private publishing houses as well as copyright agencies predominantly appear in this fair in an organized way.